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(R) Enamel Points

(L) Asymmetrical Arcades

Enamel Points

DEFINITION - Sharp points that generally form on the outside of the upper molars and the inside of the lower molars.

Causes -
A natural occurance that over time as a horse chews side to side, results in the erupting teeth getting longer and the enamel forming razor sharp points.

Enamel points traumatize soft tissues causing pain and discomfort when eating, bitted and wearing halters/bridles which pulls cheeks and tongue into these points. Can cause horse to ride very stiff and unhappy.

Remove sharp enamel points (floating).

Performance Bite Equilibration & Alignment

Asymmetrical Arcades  (Sheared Molar Table)

DEFINITION - Extreme angulation of chewing surface of molars.

Causes - Results from lack of lateral excursion or side to side chewing.

RESULTING PROBLEMS - Very severe problem. Does not allow horse to chew sideways resulting in very poor utilization of feed.

SOLUTION -  Look for asymmetry of the face and body, the temperal muscles and the roof of the mouth. Correct molar table angle of upper and lower molars to allow horse freedom to chew side to side.