Antique dentistry equipment from Hausmann & Dunn, most of the equipment with patents from the 1860's. Equipment was sold in eleven separate kits depending on the skill level of the individual. 

The above photo shows that power or rotary tool dentistry was performed in 1904. One of the rotary tools had a groove for reducing incisors.  Even back in the early 1900's, it was understood that the incisors required reduction at the same rate as the molar tables.

Hausmann & Dunn Co. catalogue from 1904. Vary interesting that much of the equipment has not changed with the exception that instead of being chromed is now made from stainless steel. 

One of the best all around books written about Animal Dentistry by Dr Louis Merillat Veterinary Surgeon in 1914. Interesting enough what we call a "bit Seat" he calls the "seat if the bit" which is a shape filed on the leading edge of the first molars. To make the horse more comfortable and able to communicate. EXCELLENT BOOK IF YOU EVER GET THE OPPORTUNITY T GET A COPY OR REPRINT.

Performance Bite Equilibration & Alignment

SYDNEY GALVAYNE...........inventor of THE GALVAYNE'S GROOVE. (Still used by horseman & professionals today for aging horses.) 

This book was written in the 1880's while he was on tour through Europe teaching people his way of aging horses. Approximately 70 pages, hand colourized and signed. I was blessed with this gift from my wife Lori.