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Performance Bite Equilibration & Alignment

Overbite (overjet)

DEFINITION - Upper incisors protrude in front of lower  incisors.

Causes -  Hereditary - horse may be born with a relatively small overbite, resulting in rostral and/or caudal hooks progressively getting larger and driving/shifting the mandible towards the back. 

RESULTING PROBLEMS - Prevents horse from chewing freely side to side resulting in improper and excessive molar wear. Rostral  and caudal hooks, transverse ridges, wave complexes and sheared molar table angles will become more severe as horse is forced to chew incorrectly over time. Can also cause severe discomfort with the bit, Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ), atlas issues and difficulty for the horse to hold/maintain flexion while being ridden.

SOLUTION - Reduce length of upper incisors. Correct molar malocclusions.