Wim Janssen and Delansa competing at the Winter Equestrian Festival 2016 in Wellington, Florida 

Belinda​ Trussell and Anton competing at the Adequate Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida.

CDI-W FEI Grand Prix Special, March 2016.  Score of 75.529% breaking both their personal best score and setting a new Canadian record for the Special.

Lanie Thomas and "Albion" of Standalone Farm
Competing in the FEI CSI** Grand Prix Canadian Show Jumping Championship in 2012.

Lanie also won back to back $25,000 National Standard Grand Prix; one in December 2011 and the other in January 2012 at the St Louis, Missouri horse show

Edie Tarves  

I have been using Kevin Rundle's dentistry for more than 15 years. In that time I feel I have become a better horsewoman by gaining more knowledge of how much dentistry contributes to horse health, soundness and well-being. I’ve seen firsthand great results of consistent, proper dental care. It is a critical piece of the puzzle of overall health, rideability and how trainable our horses are. Since being a part of Kevin Rundle’s dentistry I have had fantastic results with the training and competition of my own horses and clients. Problems we used to consider more attitude related have virtually gone away and the horses in my full care stay sounder of body and mind.
A horse with discomfort on its mouth will compensate in other areas of the body, such as lower limbs, shoulders, neck and back. Good dental health and a horse with a comfortable “bit seat” can relax, enjoy its work and learn freely.
Thanks to Kevin my training, coaching and competitions are more enjoyable, effective, productive and successful. I feel very lucky to have my horses on the wonderful dental program with “The Master” Cheers Friend!

Multiple times Canadian three day event team member including Olympics, world games, gold medalist Pan-Am games. Most of all love of horses! 

Neil Badcock of Standalone Farm, King City, Ontario and "Corrido" owned by Jessie Bonisteel, National Talent Squad Champion, 2014 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, Ontario.

Wim Janssen, WJ LLC

While training my own mare, 7 year old Delansa, I couldn't put my finger on what wasn't there. While very good and super careful, there was something questionable in the rideability. 

Fellow rider, Neil Badcock, watched Delansa and suggested Kevin look at her. Kevin took the time to explain how and why he was doing what needed done and why the mare was responding as she should. 

Although he notes changes will take time to see, there were improvements almost immediately. Delansa was happier, more relaxed and accepting aids with ease, allowing me to do my job in the most pleasant manner possible.

Kevin now does every horse in the stable with vast improvements seen overall. At the level of sport my clients and myself compete at, it takes a team to keep WJ LLC operational; Kevin's dentistry, horsemanship and overall knowledge is an invaluable part of that team!

Edie Tarves and Arwen

2009 Horse of the Year in Eventing. Kevin begin doing her teeth when she was being started as a three-year-old. As per Edie, “Arwen” always had a good bit seat and it showed!

Nancy Tapley EC Level 3 (Eventing), Dressage/Showjumping Judge  

​​Horse owners want to do the best for their equine partners and best friends. That includes the best in management and medical care. While a few will ignore such critical areas as vaccines and check ups, quality feed and careful exercise programs, when it comes to care of the horses teeth, it is often a different story. Perhaps it is because we can’t “see” inside the jaw and horses (wonderfully stoic as they can be) will often continue to perform for us despite problems inside that very jaw.
Over the years I've learned that my own health needs are best met by working with specialists. And so to for my horses. Dental care for equines goes miles beyond knocking off sharp points with a power float. While I work with the regular vet for all the horses general health issues, I do utilize specialists in their field when it comes to specific issues such as lameness, respiratory and breeding. No vet can be a specialist in every field, just as no doctor can be with human medicine. So, too, I go to a specialist for dental care - for myself and for my horses!
Unbalanced mouths can contribute to all sorts of subtle issues, from resisting the bit, tilting the head, certain lameness, hitting fences, losing condition, developing ulcers and a list too long to write. I’ve seen horses with the critical TMJ so locked up that even the animals balance is compromised. Kevin Rundle is my "go to guy" when it comes to superior dental care. His wealth of knowledge and true horsemanship make him indispensable as a key player in my stable management. The difference that good, educated dental work makes to the horse is almost incalculable. When he rolls into the stable, working hand-in-hand with my regular veterinarian, there is always something more to learn - and the difference for the horses is huge.
Would I recommend Kevin?? Absolutely, and without reservation. And so what every horse I have ever owned or coached that has had Kevin attend to his or her teeth. 

Belinda trusselloakcrest farm

Kevin Rundle has worked with a number of horses in my barn.  This past Christmas, a horse came to me that had a hard time eating.  He also had a look on his face like he had a constant headache.  We could only feed him twice a day because it took him so long to eat.  Even with consistent dental work in the past, he ate minimal hay and grain.  I was continually concerned about his weight and nutritional intake.  Kevin aligned his bite to his TMJ's (Temporal Mandibular Joints) and within four weeks, I could feed him grain four times a day and he would finish his hay.  His body looks fantastic, his eyes are bright and he looks great.  Kevin made an incredible difference.

Kevin also recently came down to Florida to work on my top horse, Anton.  Anton is a wonderful horse and is a very successful dressage horse.  I really did not have any major concerns about Anton when Kevin came, except he can be somewhat stiff to the left.  Kevin found Anton's jaw was locked due to his bite.  He aligned his bite to his TMJ's and now he is even in both flexion's left and right.  I did not know that was possible!!  Two weeks after Kevin worked with Anton, we had two personal best scores in the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special and set a Canadian record for the highest score achieved in the Special.  Kevin's philosophy and techniques have made incredible differences with my horses.

One of the Dressage world's shining stars, Belinda Trussell has represented Canada at the Olympic Games, the World Cup, the World Equestrian Games and the European Championships.

Neil Badcock, Standalone Farm  

Time and time again, I see the positive effects achieved by Kevin on each horse that comes into my barn; results such as decreased incidence of colic, weight gain, reduced tension and improved rideability.  To tell you the truth, it makes my life as a trainer a whole lot easier!  Having relaxed and happy horses, my clients can learn to ride soft, never having to fight with or ride around a problem mouth.  As an international competitor, I truly appreciate these luxuries myself.  With the courses getting tougher and the materials getting lighter, having the extra rideability and cooperation from my horses, is the difference between a rail and a fault free round. 

Performance Bite Equilibration & Alignment

Lanie Thomas, Standalone Farm  

Equine dentistry is a relatively new concept to me.  After meeting Kevin Rundle in 2009, I have continued to be amazed by the results of his highly specialized and detailed approach.  As I break into the Grand Prix level, I realize that it is a sport of fractions.  Every one thing affects the other and every little bit counts.  The work that Kevin does to achieve balance in the horses mouth, creates an overall balance in their life.  It allows them to give us their all, when it really counts.

Howie Olsen Olsen E-Z Cuts, INC HAMPDEN, ME, USA  

​​I manufacture equine dental equipment and have been building instruments for Kevin Rundle for over 20 years. In these years I've attended many equine dental conventions and lectures with Kevin and it's been my experience to see firsthand how professional he is. He has an uncanny ability to see problems before they actually become a problem. Kevin leaves no stone unturned in his practice. There are many veterinarians and equine dental technicians that would stand in line to apprentice with him, and there’s a good reason for that… he’s the best in his field.