Performance Bite Equilibration & Alignment

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Wave Complexes

DEFINITION - Molar arcade develops an uneven “wavelike” appearance generally involving many premolars and molars.

Causes - Often occurs secondary to other malocclusions such as retained deciduous caps, missing teeth, hooks, ramps etc.. Caused by dominant teeth oppsosing weaker teeth and uneven wear.

RESULTING PROBLEMS - Causes gradual excessive wear to many molars, resulting in prematurely worn out teeth, periodontal pockets, decay and loss of teeth. Can prevent side to side chewing and inhibit proper grinding. Can cause abscessing, bone infections and fractured molars.

SOLUTION - Reduce high complexes to allow recovery of opposing teeth and allow freedom to chew freely. Equilibrate excessive crowns to allow proper eruption rate of opposing teeth, especially in young horses. Preventative maintenance over time.